Overheard in Palestine

My top 10 ‘overheards’ from my Palestinian summer:

1. I guess you have to start somewhere…
“I’ve quit smoking and I feel so much better for it.”
“That’s great. When did you last have a cigarette?”
“An hour ago”

2. A reminder that rules are made to be broken…
“I’m not fasting today. They called ‘Allah Akbar’ just as we were both coming.”

3. The need for improvements in sex education…
“Men should be more forgiving of girls who have lost their virginity. They might have been raped or have had a cycling accident.”

4. An IDF soldier missing the point…
“I don’t fight though, I just reload the tanks.”

5. Getting your money’s worth in the full taxi…
“It doesn’t matter if the kids get in with us, does it? They’re only little.”
Two boys, 14 and 15, and bigger than any of us, come lumbering up to squish in on top.

6. A little bit of road rage…
“The roads have become for the people and the pavements have become for the cars!”
(To be fair, this is literally the case)

7. My friend’s mother on discovering the cats had spent the night in her room…
“Have you been fucking the cats all night!?”

8. Travel concerns…
“I can’t afford to go to Jordan. There’s the cost of travel, the visa… and I’ll have to get my teeth done.”

9. Slightly misunderstanding the concept of vegetarianism…
“You don’t even eat meat at barbecues?!”

10. And, finally, it seems we all face problems teaching grandma how to use touchscreen…
“I spent all day showing her how to call someone, then someone phoned her and she didn’t know what to do!”


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One Response to Overheard in Palestine

  1. Ha ha ha, the same the world over! My favourite had to be no. 3.

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