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We are all… : local responses in Manchester and Palestine

The response to the Manchester terror attack reminded me a lot of the response of West Bank Palestinians to the 2014 War on Gaza. In the West Bank, people watched for a month as bombs rained down on their families. Children’s … Continue reading

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Crazy in love

July 2009, Jenin With her hand placed down on the fabric to the left of the needle, Salwa pressed the pedal and moved the fabric gently forward. It was boredom rather than intrigue that had led her to ask her … Continue reading

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How to cope under occupation

“Even the world is sad today!” the Mum dramatically declared as she took note of the clouds in the sky. I personally felt relieved to see the extra cloud cover, providing us with a bit of shelter from the glare … Continue reading

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The canary in the cage

I haven’t written for so long because I’ve had too much to write. I was unsure that I could do justice to the things I’ve seen in words. Life here was pretty intense during the war between Israel and Gaza … Continue reading

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