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Wartime in Winter

December 2008, Rafah Camp War usually leaves a notion of warmth. Violent, cruel warmth, as buildings burn and hot blood spills but warmth nevertheless. Yet when Mohanned stepped out into the shelling, he braced as the winter air clawed at … Continue reading

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Crazy in love

July 2009, Jenin With her hand placed down on the fabric to the left of the needle, Salwa pressed the pedal and moved the fabric gently forward. It was boredom rather than intrigue that had led her to ask her … Continue reading

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What the case of Palestine can teach us about the ISIS name game

IS, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh… it is not surprising that confusion surrounds the identification of the militant group. All part of the diplomatic dance that is the politics of naming, it was not that long ago that politicians and the media … Continue reading

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The Arrest

Salwa was reminded strangely of Ramadan in the days of the curfew. Life was suspended so that the hours lost all regular meaning. The merging of the day into night and the reappearance of the day became an absurd background … Continue reading

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The Diplomatic Way to Achieve Nothing

The usual response to mention of the ‘peace process’ in Palestine is raised eyebrows or a smirk. People are sick of the international façade that takes place at their expense and when you look at the number of talks that … Continue reading

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An Interview with God

I was very confused as to why the discussion had suddenly turned to the whereabouts of the woman’s father. One moment we’d been discussing ideas for projects in Gaza and the next everyone was questioning where ‘Baba’ was. “Oh, I … Continue reading

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Layla Layla was the first of four female political prisoners I met and wasn’t the kind of person I’d expected. I’d expected someone more withdrawn and wary of my curiosity. I’d anticipated having to initially gain her trust before carefully … Continue reading

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